What You Require To Do To Become A Self-Funded Retiree


As a financial consultant that predominantly deals with young professionals, I can’t emphasise enough the significance of taking on obligation for your own retirement.

It is clear that the introduction of compulsory superannuation was the initial step in what is a long procedure to relax the aged pension and we are seeing a growing number of steps taken by the government to motivate people to a minimum of partly self-fund their retirement. 

How do you end up being a self-funded senior citizen? In this article, I’ll break down:

What Is A Self-Funded Retiree?

A self-funded senior citizen is a person who supports their own retirement WITHOUT the assistance of the federal government pension. For the majority of Australians retiring now, it is likely they will be self-funding at least a portion of their retirement as they might not receive the pension for the first number of years.

Whether you are eligible for the aged pension is examined considering 2 tests:

  • The Income Test.
  • The Assets Test.

Q: I have retired however am not yet old enough to receive the Age Pension so am living off my cost savings. I have a financial investment property that I am in the procedure of selling and after paying and paying back the home mortgage capital gains tax, I ought to be entrusted to $190,000 from the sale proceeds.

A: Is it smarter to use these proceeds to pay off the $150,000 home loan on my house and put the remaining $40,000 into superannuation, or put the full $190,000 into incredibly? Or divide the money roughly equally to pay a few of the home loan and place a more considerable amount into incredibly? (In case this has any bearing on the concern, I presently lease my home for $340 per week and reside in a transformed loft above the garage.).

Your home loan interest rate ought to be under 3 per cent if you have organised your affairs well. One would hope that your superannuation can do better than that on returns in the medium- to long-term. For that reason, I would recommend you keep the home loan on your house– the interest will assist to balance out any tax you may pay on the rent receipts– and position the money incredibly. Provided your age, which would appear to be a minimum of 60, lack of access to superannuation should not be a concern for you.

How Big Are The Tax Concessions For Superannuation?

By 2015-16 the annual expense of taxpayer contributions for private superannuation will again surpass the yearly cost of the age pension7. That said, from that point on, taxpayer aids for superannuation are most likely to grow considerably faster than the yearly expense of offering the age pension. Figure 1 reveals the forecasted increase in the yearly expense of offering tax concessions to the sector of the population with superannuation accounts. It is interesting to keep in mind that in what are presumably ‘bumpy rides’ for the budget the concern of where the $15 billion development in expenditure on superannuation concessions has actually not attracted considerable political, media or action demic attention. A comparable ‘blow out’ in the cost of offering health, education or other services would be unlikely to draw in such little public analysis. The current $1.5 billion ‘blow out’ at the expense of providing the National Broadband Network (NBN) attracted considerable media attention.

Do You Have A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund?

You’ve found out about the advantages of utilizing a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) as a wealth-generation automobile and you’ve either taken the action and set one up or are seriously considering it.

However, you’re confused about the regulation, implications and repercussions of running your SMSF and don’t know what to do.

You understand the importance of buying good professional recommendations.

Return On Your Investment.

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