The Essential Guide To Planning A Beach Wedding


Beach weddings are alluring for more reasons than one; and being out in the open, in a romantic oceaåΩnfront setting while the wind and waves sing their applauds over your union, is among those. They are far from the normal standard wedding, which is frequently hosted within a church, or another elaborate indoor setting. That is not to say there aren’t other outdoor wedding event types that aren’t appealing, as the garden wedding event for instance, however, beach wedding events are absolutely in a category of their own.

The draw of the intimate beach wedding has much to do with the reality that it enables you to perform your day in relative simpleness, though some beach weddings can be elegant. You’ll get to choose for your beach wedding event how dressed up you wish to be, what elements you want to exclude or include from a traditional wedding event, and you’ll have a lot of space to check out the beach and oceanside styles.

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Select a location based on your wedding design and nonnegotiable guest list (if that is very important to you). If you live near a beach, you might already have a preferred spot in mind. A few types of beach places:

  • Resort: A dining establishment, club or hotel located right on the beach can provide you with the water views you yearn for and a reception venue complete with complete personnel to assist you to pull it all off. This choice may be costlier than pulling it off yourself, however greatly less difficult.
  • Public beach: A beach where anybody can swim, sunbathe or yes, get wed. Start early when preparing this kind of affair– you might have the ability to reserve an area of the beach for your wedding event.
  • Private beach: If you– or a generous buddy or family member– has a home on a private beach, you remain in luck. This alternative provides privacy and possibly fewer regulations.

Prep Your Guests

Make certain your visitors understand that the wedding event is really on the sand, so they can dress properly. This can be communicated with the invite (included with the map/directions), on your wedding event site and through word-of-mouth.

Feet: Some beachy couples are supplying a “shoe valet” where visitors can trade out their Ferragamo pumps for casual flip-flops. Another good touch is to have a de-sanding station– soft-bristled paintbrushes are a fun method to clean the sand from between your toes!

  • Eyes: Sunny days at the beach can be blinding, so ensure everybody knows to bring sunglasses, parasols, or hats– you do not desire them squinting at you the entire time!
  • Weather: Advise your visitors to bring proper covers, in case it gets chilly. It’s not a bad plan to have sweatshirts, shawls, sweatshirts and even blankets on hand, ought Cousin Ann to appear without her pashmina. If it’s a high-noon ceremony in August, supplying cool beverages (you can even buy your own private-label bottled water!) and paper fans (we like them printed with wedding event programs) would make visitors comfier.

Select The Best Dress Length

At a beach wedding event, a long dress is really lovely, but make certain it’s customizing appropriates for this occasion-a huge princess-style ball gown might look a little unsuitable for this celebration. Consider the surrounding environment prior to choosing to clothe.

Select The Right Fabric

You definitely don’t wish to remove your sultry wedding dress throughout the wedding, so make sure you choose a bridal gown made from light and breathable fabric so that you can move easily.


Take a more detailed look at the invite and you will probably find out the level of formality anticipated for the beach wedding. Although most beach weddings are usually casual, there are likewise bridegrooms that want their wedding event to be on the official or semi-formal side.


The fact is that the shoes you will use at a beach wedding event need to be well thought of. You could go to a beach wedding event barefoot, packing an extra pair of shoes is more than welcome. Now if you are welcomed to an official beach wedding and desire to introduce the diva inside you with a pair of stilettos, make sure you bring an extra set to change into before the wedding reception.

Keep in mind the ocean breeze: Even if you are married in midsummer, the seaside wind will be very strong, so select a dress that will not let you shine Marilyn Monroe minutes when you go into the wedding event hall.

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