Dress Code For A Unique Hen’s Party


If coordinating trademark shirts, pink plume boas and thigh-high medical caretakers’ ensembles aren’t your ladies of the hour to-be’s jam, at that point, this guide will make fundamental pre-hen party perusing. Most present-day ladies do without the more conventional (frequently cheap!) hen party subjects, yet at the same time like having some sort of clothing regulation, topic or component of consistency – and we can’t help but concur! A hen party with a pleasant clothing standard isn’t just an incredible method to get everybody in the celebratory mindset and feel part of the crew, yet it likewise makes it simpler to recognize your kindred hens in the group – which may prove to be useful. Also, the way that a magnificent clothing regulation looks quite extraordinary in the photographs as well (hashtag squad goals)

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Sex And The City 

Universe primed and ready! Spruce up in Carrie Bradshaw-roused midi tutus combined with straightforward tops and adorable heels. Add a few gems for additional excitement. On the other hand, you could request that the visitors dress as their number one SATC character.

Incredible Gatsby 

Urge your visitors to channel their internal Daisy Buchanan! Look to the Roaring 20s and get enlivened by adorned dresses and vintage style hair and make-up. Add headpieces and bunches of gems for the ideal workmanship deco look.

Sleepover Chic 

This one is ideal for a hen party at home, spa end of the week, or an ordinary sleep party. Slip into some extravagant PJs and embellish with eye veils and charming shoes.


Dress as diverting characters, your top pick in-jokes, web images or even become 10 look-a-preferences of the lady for the afternoon. 

TV Characters

A nice broad theme that is easy for everyone to do your favourite TV characters. 

Minimal Black Dress 

A straightforward yet in vogue subject, everything visitors can dress in dark and the lady of the hour in white. What lady doesn’t have an LBD, dark top or jumpsuit in their closet!? You could likewise up the glitz by making it a Breakfast at Tiffany’s topic finished with pearls, gloves and shades.

Lovely Boho 

The most blazing hen party topic at present, this is one for celebration sweethearts and boho ladies. Visitors can dress in floaty maxi dresses, bunches of the periphery or botanical kimonos – add blossom crowns or head chains just as impermanent tattoos.


Commend the lady of the hour’s ‘last sail before the cloak’ with a nautical-themed hen. Visitors can wear straightforward striped shirts combined with pants or a naval force dress and fun little mariners cap.

Tuxedo Hen Party 

This is a particularly stylish thought and something everybody can have a touch of fun with – it’s likewise ideal for if your lady isn’t one to wear a dress. You don’t have to sprinkle out on a full tux, visitors can dress in dark pants, a white shirt and a necktie, with the lady of the hour to be in white.

Team promoters 

An exemplary subject, get coordinating outfits and pom poms! 


Go to the clouded side and adventure into the universe of scalawags! Outfits include Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil and The Snow Queen. 

Holy Messengers and Devils

Who is wicked and who is pleasant? The decision is yours! 

Flavour Girls 

I’ll mention to you what I need what I super need… a zest young ladies hen do! No clarification required for this one. 


Add a portion of activity to the hen gathering and take on the appearance of your most loved superheroes! What about Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Bat Girl, Black Widow or Catwoman? 


Make some secret by each wearing one of a kind covers and a stylish dress to coordinate.

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