Top Tools for Sheet Metal Fabrication


We mentioned in another article that there’s an ongoing great argument about whether or not apprentices should buy their own tools. No matter which side of the fence you stand on, there are a few tools of the trade that every sheet metal producer must own at any level of experience. Here’s a comprehensive list of the tools everyone in this business should own:

A 4 1/2- inch or 6-inch angle mill.

This portable power tool is used for cutting, grinding, and polishing various types of metal, which fab employees do frequently, so ensure you acquire an angle mill that’s durable.


The guillotine is extremely useful in steel fabrication, maybe even more so than it was throughout the middle ages. Known as a ‘cropper’ or ‘punch and sears’ this tool can be either mechanically or hydraulically powered and its primary usage is to cut through steel plates. The plates are first secured with a ‘ram’ prior to being cut with a shear.

Beam Drill Line

Beam Drill lines are complex drills that include computer technology to properly notch holes in steel beams. These complicated drills are a much faster and more accurate solution than other manual strategies.

Gas Axe

A Gas Axe is the slang term for ‘Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torch’, which is a tool that uses fuel gases and oxygen to weld or cut metals. Fuels can differ and can consist of hydrogen, gasoline and propylene, although

Grinders & Discs

For smaller scale cutting, grinding, and polishing, the angle grinder is an important tool in a metal worker’s arsenal. Each one can be used to create various types of sheet metal, all for unique functions.

Deburring and Bevelling Tools

Light-weight yet robust, bevelling and deburring equipment include bevel mills, mills, sanders and much more. With effective motors and vibration-free operation, you can accomplish high-quality results every time.

Sheet Metal Rolling Devices

Both handbook and powered, sheet metal rolling equipment is used to bend and roll metal sheets easily. From slip rollers to ring rollers, these tools are important for sheet metal fabrication.

Angle Grinders

Cutting, grinding and polishing, angle grinders can be used for all of these kinds of fabrication. This portable power tool can be used on all various types of metal and, with different sizes available, you can discover the best one for your application.

Throatless Shears

A vital tool in the majority of fabrication workshops, a shear cuts directly, irregular and curved lines into sheet metal. Its structure enables easy cutting through stainless-steel and aluminium.

Snips: These are the closest thing to a common scissor you will discover here. It looks and works in practically the same method as a set of sturdy scissors. They are of three types: left cutting, ideal cutting, and straight cutting.


As the name suggests they are used to smooth out the rough edges of the metal sheets. A number of them are available in any workshop differentiated by size, shape, and strength.


They are generally of two types: electrical and pneumatic. They resemble the common household only much bigger and stronger.

Plasma and laser cutters: They have a typical existence in modern structural steel fabricators. High definition plasma cutting is carried out with the help of computer-aided assistance systems, which makes sure that the optimum quantity of the steel is utilized and waste is decreased. Large sheets or columns of steel can be cut easily with plasma cutters. Steel fabrication? Check important sources here.

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