Replacing Your iPhone Battery? Here’s what you need to know!


There is a good chance you have heard that Apple is deliberately throttling older gadgets that have older batteries suffering declines in performance. While their reasoning behind this decision makes sense since older phones can not handle some contents in brand-new updates.

Apple was accused of intentionally requiring users to update their phones. As a result, this juicy story of a mammoth corporation messing over the little guys spread across the news and triggered an uproar in digital circles.

How Can You Tell Whether You Should Replace Your iPhone Battery Or Not?

Well, it might be time to alter your iPhone battery. Apple just recently acknowledged that its lithium-ion batteries slowly lose their capability to keep a complete charge over time. 

At that point, your iPhone may purposefully slow itself down in order to avoid your aged battery from stopping working.

Watch For These Common Signs

The first and simplest thing to do is simply lookout for some of the most common signs of a weak or depleting battery. This consists of- Your phone dying regularly and at times when it shouldn’t. Losing its charge quicker than usual, the phone glitching/skipping when going from screen to screen and more.

These do not constantly imply that the battery is bad, they may rather just trigger you to charge your battery. You require to go into the Settings menu and then into Battery if you actually want to understand for sure whether your battery needs replacing.

iPhone Running Slower Than Normal

Tasks such as sending out a message, downloading files, making calls, opening GIFs, and uploading your most current selfie to Instagram are all prospective victims of an aging iPhone battery. 

If your battery is older, it can cause sluggish phone efficiency to take place without Apple’s intervention in the form of throttling. You can avoid this by having your battery changed right away, the moment you see it.

Digging Deep

If your phone is approaching or has passed 500 completed charges or is less than 80% of its initial capacity, a caution message will be at the top of the page informing that your battery might need to be serviced. 

This does not mean it requires replacing, but will typically suggest you may begin to begin experiencing issues, so replacing it wouldn’t hurt.

Long Periods Of Charging

Approved your battery remains in leading performance condition, the battery needs to charge in approximately two hours or less. 

iPhones that take more than 2 hours or just do not seem to wish to charge no matter how long they’re plugged in personify this timeless sign of a dying battery. Thus, a phone that takes too long to charge is another clear indication that you remain in alarming demand for an iPhone battery replacement.


Where And How Can You Change Your iPhone Battery?

There are a number of ways you can go about replacing your battery:

Through Apple, as mentioned above. You can either send in your phone for repair OR make a consultation to bring it to the Apple store.

Through third-party services like fix my phone now if you’re looking for a repair shop in Williamstown, Melbourne.

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