Cox & Kings – Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery Tips

Wisdom tooth extractions are a common oral surgery procedure. The recovery process is typically straightforward, but there are a few things you can do to help ensure a smooth recovery. Be sure to follow your oral surgeon’s post-operative instructions. This wi1l likely include things like taking it easy for a few days, eating soft foods, and using ice packs or a special mouth rinse to reduce swelling. Watch for signs of infection, such as excessive pain, swelling, or redness. If you notice any of these, be sure to contact your oral surgeon. 

  1. Get plenty of rest. Your body needs time to heal after having wisdom teeth removed. Plan on taking it easy for at least 24 hours.
  2. Eat soft foods. Stick to foods that are easy to chew and swallow for the first few days. soups, yogurt, and mashed potatoes are all good options.
  3. Take pain medication as needed. Your dentist will likely prescribe you pain medication to help with the discomfort. Be sure to take it as directed.
  4. Apply ice to your face. Applying ice to your face for 20 minutes at a time can help reduce swe1ling.
  5. Keep your mouth clean. Gently brush your teeth and tongue with a softbristled toothbrush. You can also use salt water to rinse to help keep your mouth clean.

0verall, wisdom tooth extraction recovery is typically fairly easy. By following your oral surgeon‘s instructions and taking good care of your mouth, you can help ensure a smooth and complicationfree recovery.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery Tips FAQs

How many days do you need to recover from a wisdom tooth extraction?

It typically takes around three to f0ur days for the swelling to go down and another week for the gums to heal.

How long will pain last after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Pain is typically worst the first day after wisdom tooth extraction and then improves significantly over the next few days. However, some people may experience pain for up to a week or more.

How should I sleep after wisdom teeth removal?

The best way to sleep after wisdom teeth rem0val is on your back with your head elevated. This will help to reduce swelling and pain.

Is it OK to sleep on your side after wisdom teeth removal?

It is advisable to sleep on your back or in a reclining position for at least a week after wisdom teeth removal. This helps to prevent bleeding and swelling.

How long should I use salt water after tooth extraction?

You should use salt water after tooth extraction for at least 24 hours.